Israelites Oppressed, detail, arrow feather

1953 Restoration

By the early 1950s, pollution and dust once again obscured the murals. Convinced of the need for a second cleaning, the Library hired a private restoration firm in 1953. The contract stipulated that the work would entail “cleaning, making necessary repairs, and surfacing of the murals and the six gold medallions in the Sargent Gallery.” This is all that is known of their work; no other documentation records exist. The restorers cleaned the murals with mixed results and applied a wax coating, probably to protect and resaturate the painted surface. This coating material has since darkened considerably.
Israelites Oppressed, detail, arrow feather
A pivoted relief element reveals
the paint surface protected from darkened
wax and grime accumulations (1999 photo)
The Triumph of Religion