Pagan Gods, Astarte and priestess

Pagan Gods: Astarte

Sargent paired Baal or Moloch on the west with Ashtoreth or Astarte on the east. Moloch was the male destroyer god, associated with the sun; Astarte was the dangerous, seductive fertility goddess associated with the crescent moon upon which she stands here, a cobra draped at her feet. Sargent depicted some of Astarte’s many priestesses dancing beneath her diaphanous veil, which symbolizes the illusory appeal of the senses. The twelve pinecones that surround her correspond to the occasional rendering of her name as “sacred grove.”
1. Pagan Gods: Astarte, north ceiling vault,
east side of vault
2. Detail of the above (1999 photos)
Enlarge Astarte
The Triumph of Religion