Pagan Gods, Moloch and Egyptian Trinity

Pagan Gods: Moloch

On the west side of the north ceiling vault, the bull-headed Moloch dominates. This greedy four-handed fire god and destroyer clutches in two outstretched hands the human victims being sacrificed to him; his other two hands grasp weapons. The radiating sun disk above Moloch's head associates him with fires of destruction as well as the sun. Raging lions, in gilded relief, attend him. Sargent positioned the “Egyptian trinity” of Isis, Osiris, and Horus at Moloch’s feet, along with the stylized form of a mummified pharaoh and ascending hawk that signified the soul departing the body.

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1. Pagan Gods: Moloch
2. Pagan Gods: Egyptian Trinity
North ceiling vault, west side of vault
(1999 photos)
The Triumph of Religion